The CHILL Program

CHILL is a wellness program based on the Mindful Schools curriculum developed by world-class educators, scientists and practitioners. The program teaches elementary school students how to settle a busy mind, skillfully handle emotions and thoughts, direct and sustain attention, cultivate compassion and truly listen and communicate to one another.

The program is designed to bring mindfulness practices into schools through weekly direct instruction in classrooms, teacher training throughout the school year, and monthly community meetings for families. The lessons include breathing activities, relaxation and self soothing exercises, a little explanation of brain science, stories about emotions and games that help participants become more self-aware.


The 8 week-program helps children transform their experiences and emotions into wisdom to navigate their way to becoming creative, intelligent, kind and conscious human beings and includes:

16 lessons in each class (15 minutes, 2x/week)
Mindfulness bells for each class
Mindfulness workbooks for each student
A Teacher's Manual
Three 30-minute teacher/staff training sessions
One hour of parent training

Lesson Titles

Mindful Bodies
Mindful Listening
Mindfulness of Breathing
Sending Kind Thoughts
Body Awareness
Mindful Seeing
Mindful Movement & Walking
Kind and Caring on the Playground
Mindful Eating
Mindfulness of Thoughts
Mindful Test Taking
Mindfulness of Emotions


Mindful Morning

A 10-minute introduction for teachers and staff before school in the spirit of that week's mindfulness lesson for kids.

Mind Club

A monthly 30-minute mindfulness session for parents interested in how to bring the practice to their home.